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Barbados Built Environment is a selection of articles and podcasts about green building, construction, biodiversity and more in Barbados.

Barbados Biodiversity

Barbados Built Environment

Barbados Biodiversity: Animal and Plant Species and What Is Under Threat

Barbados is home to a diverse range of animal and plant species, making it a biodiversity hotspot in the Caribbean. From its stunning flora to its unique wildlife, Barbados' ecosystem is rich with natural wonders. However, this precious biodiversity is under threat due to various factors, including human activity and development. Key Takeaways: - Barbados is known for its rich biodiversity, with a wide variety of animal and plant species. […]

todayOctober 4, 2023

history of green building Barbados

Barbados Built Environment

Exploring the History of Green Building in Barbados

Barbados, a beautiful Caribbean island known for its pristine beaches and vibrant culture, has a rich history when it comes to green building practices. Exploring the history of green building in Barbados reveals a growing commitment to sustainable construction practices on the island. Over the years, Barbados has made significant progress in embracing eco-friendly building techniques to reduce its environmental impact and create more energy-efficient structures. The development of green […]

todaySeptember 10, 2023

Barbados green building

Barbados Built Environment

Discover The Future of Barbados Green Building Innovation

The future of Barbados green building innovation looks promising, as the country continues to make significant strides in sustainable construction practices. With a strong commitment to environmental conservation and a desire to reduce carbon emissions, Barbados is embracing green building techniques to create a more sustainable future. One important aspect of green building innovation in Barbados is the emphasis on energy efficiency. The Barbados National Standard for Energy Efficiency in […]

todaySeptember 10, 2023