Ireland’s favourite TV builder, Peter Finn, talks about The Green Scene in Ireland

todayJune 28, 2021


Climate change has undoubtedly been one of the most pressing matters in recent years. And whether you’re an ordinary citizen or a top conglomerate, every single positive action matters. In this episode of Constructive Voices, Pete the Builder talks to Steve Randall and talks about Ireland’s Green Scene- specifically, the green revolution that has taken over the construction industry.

These days, most millennials and Gen Zers lead an eco-conscious lifestyle. From participating in the zero-waste movement to using sustainable technology, the current generation is trying its hardest to slow down the rate of global warming.

Listen to Peter Finn, by clicking below. The first 40-minutes is an excellent interview with Professor Michael Parkinson about the proposed new Everton FC stadium. This is then followed by Pete the Builder talking about The Green Scene in Ireland.

In Ireland, a governmental body exists in order to address this issue. It is called the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). The SEAI was set up in order to promote and aid in the development of sustainable energy in the country. In particular, the SEAI targets energy efficiency in homes.

Refusing to be left behind in the dust, the construction industry in Ireland has initiated significant changes in order to be more environmentally-friendly. To start, older houses are improved upon, making sure that they are on-par with new builds that comply with current energy-efficient standards. And when it comes to the building process itself, there are ways to make a difference.

Making sure that a building is properly insulated, using green or eco materials in construction, utilising renewable energy like installing solar panels on the roof or replacing oil boilers with air to water heat pumps, and the use of electric-powered vehicles (like electric bulldozers on site and electric minibuses for worker transport) or electric-powered tools.

These are all smart options the construction industry is adopting. And with the government’s help in the form of tax incentives and grants, the push for an industry that is reliant on green energy is even stronger.

Written by: Jackie De Burca

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