Brighton Leading the Way to a Net Zero Future

todayAugust 12, 2022


Brighton Leading the Way to a Net Zero Future

According to multiple reports, Brighton appears to be the UK city that is leading the way to a Net Zero future. The seaside city in East Sussex has so far delivered on its promises to achieve the agenda which was set out by the UN’s Paris Agreement in 2015.

A Brighton Chamber group known as ‘The Net Zero Champions’ was set up in January 2022, and they are some of the many people who are driving the journey to a Net Zero future.

Brighton is on course to be carbon neutral by 2030 with the city’s current CO2 levels being 2.8t.

Brighton carbon neutral by 2030

In order for a city to become carbon neutral, they must address their climate-damaging carbon emissions and aim to reduce them.

Brighton currently has over 30 investible energy projects underway including electric charging points, solar PV systems and Lamp post chargers. These projects aim to reduce energy demand, cut carbon emissions, and provide the community with a clean future.

Brighton City Council has stated that it will do anything and everything possible to be a Net Zero city by 2030. They understand the complexity of the challenge, however, believe that as the first council to declare a climate and biodiversity emergency they should be leading the way in cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Council leader, Phélim Mac Cafferty stated:

“We’re pleased that our work across all our services to reduce emissions and support the city to become carbon neutral by 2030 has been recognised in this way. There’s a lot more to be done locally and nationally but we believe it’s clear that we’re taking tangible steps in the right direction.”

Brighton aims to lead by example and believes collaboration is key in this climate change emergency.

Brighton Net Zero City collaboration

They believe that working together allows ideas to be turned into practical steps, facilitating real change.

Brighton City Council wants people to see them as the benchmark for achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. Undertaking projects such as the house constructed using just waste products allows them to lead by example. Dubbed the ‘Brighton Waste House’, an inspirational eco-house that was constructed from waste products including more than 20,000 toothbrushes.

The Waste House is the first A energy-efficient sustainability building to be built in the UK. 2507 people worked on the construction of the site including students, volunteers, and apprentices. This once again proves that collaboration is key in our battle to a Net Zero future.

Another more recent example of the seaside city leading by example is their UK Property event, FOOTPRINT+

June 2022 saw lots of companies, businesses and people come together for three days and discuss everything sustainability. Net Zero was on the agenda with an excellent line-up of speakers all giving different solutions to help achieve this.

“This is about a brand-new material which is cheaper to produce, better for the environment and quicker.” 

This is a quote from an interview recorded with Sam Jarrett, Head of Marketing at U+I PLC. The material he mentions is a new type of concrete.

The event aimed to get people from different parts of the construction industry talking and from reviews of the event, it did just that.

“He always tells me in 25 years of being an architect you’re the first insurance guy I’ve ever spoken to. I’m very flattered but that also to me is kind of endemic of the problem.”

This is a quote from an interview with Dominic Lion who is an Associate Director at Gallagher Insurance.

This is just one example of many that proves everyone working together is key to achieving our Net Zero 2030 and 2050 goals. Almost everyone at the event talked about how important collaboration was and how it is vital in addressing the climate change emergency. The city of Brighton is facilitating this vital collaboration and FootPrint+ was such as huge success that they promised to make it an annual event.

Brighton believes that it can be the city leading the fight against climate change but they have said they need more help and support from local and national governments to make strides towards Net Zero.

Council leader, Phélim Mac Cafferty said:

“I really hope that the PM and the UK governments accelerate the pace and scale of change that is so urgently needed. We need political leaders working together at national and international levels to give our planet and our ecosystem a fighting chance.”

It is clear that everyone needs to play their part and collaboration is a term involved in a lot of conversations around a Net Zero future. 

We will be speaking to more people about this topic of Brighton Leading the Way to a Net Zero Future. Don’t miss our future news articles and interviews. 

Written by: Chloe C

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