Biodiversity Roundtable With Claire Wansbury, Award-Winning Ecologist & Associate Director at Atkins

todaySeptember 8, 2022


Biodiversity Roundtable Led By Claire Wansbury, Award-Winning Ecologist & Associate Director at Atkins

31st January 2023

Led By Claire Wansbury, our Roundtable will include delegates with the below profiles in order to discuss the issues from as many relevant perspectives as possible.

The Roundtable is timed to focus on the hopes and expectations of COP15 in December 2022, specifically how these relate to the built environment sectors.

– Representative of a nature conservation body

– A conservation educator

– A leading light from healthcare who has a particular interest in the value to our health and wellbeing of engagement with the natural world.

– Representative of a company where nature contributes to their business in a clear positive way so win wins are easy to understand, eg. a water company

– Representative of a large developer

Claire is an Associate Director at Atkins, a world-leading engineering and environmental consultancy. She will share her particular expertise in biodiversity and natural capital. Claire is one of the UK’s top experts on biodiversity net gain, including having co-authored national good practice principles.

Claire Wansbury was one of our esteemed panellists in our first virtual event in November 2021: The Post cop26 Roadmap

Claire Wansbury photo 2019With nearly 30 years of experience as an award-winning ecologist, in the last few years, Claire has been working with environmental economists and others to build a shared understanding of the value of benefits our natural world provides to people.

Below is a quote from an article that Claire co-authored with her colleague, Senior Environmentalist at Atkins, Jonathan Nichols:

What we found most compelling in the Dasgupta Review was the comparison of biodiversity (a key part of the world’s “Natural Capital”) to an investment portfolio – no sensible investor would rely on only a few assets for their profits; they would ensure they have a diverse portfolio to secure a return and mitigate their risks. The same can be said of life on Earth. By cultivating only a few species at the expense of the rest we are putting our prosperity at risk. The effect of humans, particularly in the last thousand years, has been to erode this diversity. The more we lose biodiversity, the more we undermine the resilience of our asset portfolio; an action that is already having grave consequences across the globe, including our ability to achieve carbon Net-Zero.


biodiversity roundtable

About Atkins Global

Atkins is a world-leading design, engineering and project management consultancy

They are in the business of making the world’s infrastructure work better. Using data-rich, virtual and collaborative technologies, Atkins helps clients to make better decisions for complex projects. their approach and use of cutting-edge technology radically transforms projects and improves results across the entire lifecycle of an asset.

As they are developing their connected ecosystem, Atkins is unlocking the value of infrastructure data. For their clients, this means a certainty, sustainability and superior results at every stage of the process.

In industries ranging from healthcare and civil infrastructure to energy, housing, and resilience, Atkins provides data-driven expertise that ensures projects are delivered on time and on budget —making the lived environment more human and sustainable.

The result is a world that works better, with communities where people thrive.

Their passion

their passion stems from knowing that their grandchildren will be driving along the roads and over the bridges They build; breathing cleaner air in the city centres They helped design and redesign.

They listen, understand, and connect their insights to create solutions. Whether that is creating new ways of doing things or reimagining what is already there to improve outcomes. They help to create and build today’s lived environment for tomorrow’s world.

Helping to create a world that works better for all.


Written by: Jackie De Burca

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