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Dublin Green Buildings By Top Architects In Ireland

todayMay 9, 2024


Ireland boasts amazing green buildings worldwide, blending sustainability with top-tier architecture. It’s at the forefront due to growing eco-friendly construction needs. These designs are energy-saving and nature-friendly. The country is focused on building with the environment in mind. In 2018, The World Green Building Trends 2018 SmartMarket Report showed that 54% of Irish groups aim for green projects by 2021, beating the global 47%.

However, more recently, in May 2024, Pat Barry, CEO of the Irish Green Building Council stated that,

“There’s no time for business as usual or for incremental steps. We can deliver sustainable and affordable homes, but we need a revolution in the way we think and act about buildings, infrastructure, and transport – and it needs to start now,” said . “But in doing so, we can create urban spaces that are greener, healthier, and offer a better quality of life for all.”

Key Takeaways

  • Ireland is a leader in sustainable architecture, with 54% of organisations expecting green projects by 2021, higher than the global average.
  • Sustainable commercial buildings in Ireland, such as the Twitter European headquarters and the Central Bank of Ireland, have achieved the highest level of environmental certification.
  • The Irish Green Building Council is working to address the lack of educated green building professionals through training programmes and initiatives.
  • Green building solutions in Ireland include renewable energy systems, energy-efficient HVAC systems, green roofs, rainwater harvesting, and passive design strategies.
  • The Irish Green Building Council showcases green buildings through organised tours to raise awareness about sustainable architecture practices.

Dublin’s Pioneering Role in Sustainable Architecture

Ireland is seeing more green buildings, with over half expecting to go green by 2021.2 So, Ireland is really focusing on building sustainably. This move is mainly because of what clients want and the laws about protecting the environment.2

Ireland’s Commitment to Green Building Practices

What clients and new laws want is pushing Ireland to build more green.2 Organisations here know using energy better and not wasting resources is key. So, they’re doing more green projects than other places in the world.

Driving Forces: Client Demands and Environmental Regulations

A major problem is not having enough pros in green building in Ireland.2 The Irish Green Building Council is on it, making sure the construction industry gets more green skills. Their goal is to make building green the new norm in Ireland.

Challenges and the Irish Green Building Council’s Initiatives

The Irish Green Building Council (IGBC) is big on pushing green buildings in Ireland.2 As part of the World Green Building Council, they push for green building methods and awards. They focus on saving energy, not wasting resources, and keeping building users healthy.

The IGBC also runs tours of cool green buildings, like Twitter’s European offices and the Central Bank of Ireland.3 This gives pros and the public a close-up look at how green design helps the planet. Their aim is to get more people excited about greener building choices and a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Design Principles and Certifications

Sustainable design is key in creating green buildings. Certifications like LEED ensure buildings meet high environmental standards.1 They aim to cut buildings’ eco impact and boost energy use. LEED certification is top for green buildings. It looks at a building’s impact on the area, water, energy, resources, air, and innovation.

LEED Certification and Its Significance

LEED has four levels: Certified, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. These are given based on how well a building does.1 Using sustainable design and aiming for LEED can make buildings help the planet. They make spaces not just greener but also better for people.

Green Building Solutions for Energy Efficiency

To reach sustainable design goals, green solutions are vital. They use tech and tactics to make buildings cut energy and be kinder to the earth. Solar panels, efficient heating, and cool systems, green roofs, and more help.1 These steps lower a building’s energy use and pollution.

Benefits of Sustainable Design and Certifications

Sustainable designs and their certifications protect the planet and save energy and resources. They also make indoor spaces better for people’s health.1 This approach helps the earth and makes life better for those inside.

Dublin green buildings examples

Ireland is a hub for amazing sustainable architecture. It showcases the nation’s dedication to green building design and energy-efficient buildings. Dublin has the LEED-certified Twitter HQ and the eco-aware Central Bank of Ireland. These show how Dublin shines in sustainable construction.1

54% of Irish groups aim to be green by 2021. This rate is above the global 47%.1 It shows Ireland’s forefront role in green building. The nation works hard to make its buildings kinder to the planet.1

The Irish Green Building Council highlights top sustainable commercial buildings in Ireland. This includes the Twitter HQ and the Central Bank of Ireland. They both have top environmental honours.1

Building Sustainable Features Awards and Certifications
Daintree Building
  • Recycled blast furnace slag in concrete to reduce CO2 emissions4
  • Low-energy and sustainable materials, including natural, reused, recycled, or recyclable materials4
  • Passive solar design and ground source heat pumps for space heating4
  • Solar thermal panels for hot water, green roofs, and water conservation measures4
  • Building Design Award in the 2005 Sustainable Energy Awards4
  • Recognised for best energy practice by Sustainable Energy Ireland4
The Green Building, Dublin
  • Developed with €3 million in European funding in 19945
  • Passive and active design solutions, including low glazing factor, high interior radiant panel surfaces, and a compact apartment unit layout5
  • Mineral wool external insulation system, south-facing double glazed windows, and triple glazing on the north face5
  • Canyon and stack effect ventilation for summer cooling5
  • PV panels initially provided 3,000 kWh/a of energy production, meeting 75% of the heat pump demand5
  • Ground source heat pump with an impressive efficiency ratio of 5:15

The examples highlight Dublin’s ground-breaking sustainable design principles and green building solutions. They show Dublin’s leading efforts for a more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly built space.1

Sustainable architecture in Dublin

Showcase of Ireland’s Sustainable Commercial Buildings

Ireland is home to remarkable, sustainable commercial buildings. For instance, look no further than Dublin’s Twitter European headquarters. This building stands out with its eco-friendly design features. It has systems for saving rainwater, lights that save energy, and roofs covered in greenery. These elements help the building be kinder to the planet.

The design also aims for lots of natural light and fresh air inside. This makes it a great place for people to work. It shows how modern offices can be good for the environment and our well-being.1

Central Bank of Ireland

In Dublin’s bustling city centre, the Central Bank of Ireland catches the eye. It combines clever technologies that save energy with stunning solar panels. A key part of its eco-friendly approach is using materials and resources that have been used before.1 All these efforts prove that a building can be both green and suited for getting work done. It’s a great example of smart design that cares for our planet.

sustainable commercial buildings

The Irish Green Building Council

The Irish Green Building Council (IGBC) is at the heart of Ireland’s move towards sustainable building practices. It’s also part of the World Green Building Council. The IGBC works hard to get more green building solutions and certifications out there. This includes promoting energy efficiency and keeping an eye on resources in commercial buildings countrywide.

Promoting Sustainable Building Practices

6 The IGBC started in 2011 and is now 170 members strong. These include universities, NGOs, and companies working in the building industry. The council focuses on making sure people in construction know about sustainable building. It offers training and other programmes to help them learn. This way, the IGBC hopes to make sure Ireland’s buildings are greener in the future.

Raising Awareness Through Building Tours

The IGBC also does building tours to show off green examples. For instance, they’ve shown off the Twitter European headquarters. And the tours included the Central Bank of Ireland, too. These tours are for professionals and the public to see the good sides of sustainable design for themselves. The IGBC shows these examples to encourage others. They want more people to think green when they build something. It’s all about making the future more sustainable.

The Irish Green Building Council

Innovative Residential Green Buildings in Ireland

In Ireland, you’ll find homes pushing the boundaries of green architecture. One such place is Maytree’s Dwelling designed by ODOS. It blends sleek, modern style with unique design. The structure almost looks like an art gallery. It’s hidden by trees and features open living spaces. A bold part sticks out, hanging in the air, held up by bright red columns. This way of building is both clever and eye-catching.4

There’s also Dublin’s Plastic House, crafted by Architecture Republic. They turned a normal terrace house into something like a space age building. The inside is mostly one big space, with just the bathroom closed off. It’s all black and white, making it seem like a moving artwork by Mondrian.4

innovative residential green buildings

Iconic Green Architecture Projects

On the island of Ireland, there are many famous green architecture projects. One of them is the Titanic Belfast by Todd Architects. It’s in Belfast and covers 150,700 square feet. This building celebrates the ocean liner Titanic. It’s made up of four big, aluminium-clad pieces that look like ship hulls. They are a nod to the boats built in this dockyard years ago.7

The Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre in Antrim is another standout. It was designed by Heneghan Peng architects. The centre has a green roof and fits perfectly with its natural surroundings. It looks like it belongs there, with stone columns that look like the famous basalt formations. The design seems to fold into the landscape, becoming part of it.7

Iconic green architecture projects

Green Building Pioneers in Ireland

In Ireland, some stand out for their work in green building. The Temple Bar project in Dublin is a key example. During 1994, this project received €3 million from Europe. It was led by Tim Cooper along with Murray O’Laoire Architects.

This building consists of a mixture of offices, apartments, and shops. They are arranged around a central six-story courtyard. It stands out for its sustainable features. For example, it has a low glazing factor and a solar-powered cooling system. This system brought cold air into the building at night.


The Green Building in Temple Bar

The Green Building in Temple Bar highlights a significant shift. It was a big step forward for Ireland, a country known for its traditional ways.


Contributions of Architects and Designers

Tim Cooper and the Murray O’Laoire Architects team were key. They helped kickstart Ireland’s green building movement. Their ideas and projects paved the way for future eco-friendly buildings in the country.8

green building pioneers


In Ireland, green building is leading the charge towards a better future. The Irish Green Building Council is key in this. It’s pushing for building projects that are kind to the planet. As many as 54% of Irish groups aim to have green projects by 2021. This is more than the global average of 47%.1

The council is fighting the lack of skilled green building pros with its training. This work is a big part of making Ireland’s buildings more eco-friendly.1 Also, working with others has helped create a greener building industry in Ireland.1

Notable buildings, like the Twitter European headquarters and Central Bank of Ireland, are setting a high standard for green design. Their success stories encourage more use of green methods. With more and more clients and rules demanding eco-friendly buildings, Ireland’s building industry’s future looks bright and green.1


What is the current state of green building activity in Ireland?

A: Ireland is doing well in green building. More than half of the organisations aim to have green projects by 2021. This is more than the worldwide average. It shows Ireland leads in using sustainable building methods.

What are the driving forces behind the increase in green building activity in Ireland?

Customer requests for green construction and tighter environmental laws push green building growth. More businesses in Ireland see the value of saving energy, using less resources, and eco-friendly building methods.

What challenges are faced in the widespread adoption of green building practices in Ireland?

The shortage of professionals skilled in green building is a major issue. The Irish Green Building Council is tackling this by improving sustainability knowledge in the construction field. It does this through various training efforts.

What is the significance of LEED certification for green buildings?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is a top certification for green buildings. LEED checks a building’s performance in key areas like using land well, saving water, clean air, and recycling.

What are some examples of green building solutions that enhance energy efficiency and sustainability?

Green building solutions boost energy savings and eco-friendliness. Think solar panels, efficient HVAC systems, green roofs, and reusing rainwater. Also, designs that use natural light and air can lower a building’s power and pollution.

What are the benefits of sustainable design and certifications for buildings?

Sustainable building design has many pluses. It helps the environment, saves energy, and uses fewer resources. It also makes the indoor air better and supports people’s health and happiness.

Can you provide examples of sustainable commercial buildings in Ireland?

In Ireland, there’s the Twitter HQ in Dublin. It uses rainwater systems and green roofs. Also, the Central Bank there has efficient tech, solar power, and a great building shell.

How does the Irish Green Building Council (IGBC) promote sustainable building practices?

The IGBC spreads the use of green building methods and certificates. They arrange visits to green buildings to teach others about sustainable building. It aims to inspire more use of eco-friendly principles in construction.

Can you provide examples of innovative residential green buildings in Ireland?

Residential green buildings in Ireland include the Dwelling at Maytree. It’s a modern style with a standout cantilever and artistic parts. The Plastic House by Architecture Republic also stands out with a minimalist, black and white design.

What are some iconic green architecture projects in Ireland?

In Ireland, the Titanic Belfast by Todd Architects is known. It’s a big, shiny building made of four tall parts. There’s also the Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre. It has a green roof and looks like part of the beautiful land around it.

Who are the pioneers of green building in Ireland, and what was their contribution?

Key figures in Ireland’s green building history are Tim Cooper and Murray O’Laoire Architects. They led the Green Building project in Temple Bar, Dublin. It used many green features, laying the groundwork for more green designs in Ireland.

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