Martin Hale – Sales Director – Raw Charging

todayJune 28, 2022


Next up, Steve Randall spoke to Martin Hale about EV charging.

Martin Hale raw charging Constructive Voices RadioMartin Hale is the Sales Director for RAW Charging. Electric charging is a trending topic as we move from fuel sources such as diesel and petrol to more environmentally friendly sources such as electricity. More people are demanding these EV chargers on company sites. As with most new inventions challenges exist such as location and sources of power.

RAW Charging are trusted advisors to property owners, tenants and agents. As a leading electric vehicle charging infrastructure supplier to many of the UK’s largest property owners and organisations, RAW Charging believes their success is due to delivering the right reliable, supported, future-ready solutions.

“The big case is the power because that is the showstopper, where is the power coming from?”

Written by: Chloe C

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