Mike Harrison Delivery Director at U+I

todayJune 28, 2022


Mike Harrison is the Delivery Director at U+I. He was a chairperson at the event. His talk was entitled Concretene: Graphene-enriched concrete lowering cement and carbon emissions.

Developed by the University of Manchester’s Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre, Concretene is a type of concrete that is significantly stronger. This allows designers to propose concrete mixes with lower cement content driving down the embodied carbon of one of construction’s most relied upon materials.

Encouraging people to adopt something new always has its challenges, how can we overcome these challenges?

U+I are a property developer and investor focused on regeneration. As experts in regeneration, they use their creative, entrepreneurial and master developer knowledge to create thriving mixed-use places where people can live, work and socialise.

“What it does is it gives you a lot greater strength in the concrete for the same cementitious content.”

Written by: Chloe C

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