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S3, E2: Urban Design in Western Australia With Dr. Julian Bolleter, Australian Author, Director and Lecturer

todayMarch 12, 2024


S3, E2: Urban Design in Western Australia With Dr. Julian Bolleter, Australian Author, Director and Lecturer

Building Better Cities: A Journey Through Urban Design

Host: Jackie De Burca

Guest: Dr. Julian Bolleter, Co-Director of the Australian Urban Design Research Centre

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Dr. Julian Bolleter books


  • Jackie De Burca welcomes Dr. Julian Bolleter, an influential figure in landscape architecture and urban design.
  • Julian shares his personal connection to the environment rooted in his childhood.

Main Themes:

  • Urban Development Challenges: Julian discusses his research in Dubai on the city’s rapid construction, environmental impact, and labor practices.
  • Climate Performance and Policy: Insight into Julian’s collaboration with state government to enhance climate performance and urban policy.
  • Educational Contributions: Julian’s role in academia through teaching and writing, nurturing the next generation of urban designers.

Tune into Dr. Julian Bolleter

Research Highlights:

  • New City Development and Urban Infill: Julian’s exploration into how new urban spaces are created and existing ones are optimised.
  • Public Open Space Design: The significance of designing accessible and functional public spaces for communities.
  • Critical Examination of Urban Growth: Analysis of historical and contemporary urban growth strategies in Australia through Julian’s publications.

Books Discussed:

  • “The Ghost Cities of Australia”: A critique of past settlement strategies.
  • “Scavenging the Suburbs”: Potential for densification and repurposing of underutilized urban spaces in Perth.
  • “Take Me to the River”: The importance of the Swan River to Perth’s ecological and cultural landscape.

Environmental Concerns:

  • Human impact on wetlands and river areas.
  • Consequences of climate change like sea level rise and intense storms.
  • Balancing urban densification with biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Innovative Proposals:

  • Low-rise apartments near large parks as a sustainable development model.
  • Investing tax revenue in park improvements and environmental initiatives.
  • The concept of “solastalgia” and reclaiming urban land by nature.

Cultural Perspectives:

  • Examining the relationship between Australians and their indigenous landscapes.
  • Addressing cultural shifts in colonial and post-colonial contexts.

Urban and Suburban Synergy:

  • Embracing the greenness of suburbia and the energy of urban life.
  • Excitement for population decentralisation and the creation of new city developments.

Concerns and Advocacy:

  • Warning against an overreliance on quantitative data in an AI-centric world.
  • Advocating for housing affordability that includes all living costs.
  • The necessity of considering individual needs in urban planning.

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Written by: Jackie De Burca

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