What the ozone layer news can teach us about reversing climate change and biodiversity loss

todayJanuary 11, 2023


What the ozone layer news can teach us about reversing climate change and biodiversity loss

An article in The Guardian entitled, Earth’s ozone layer on course to be healed within decades, was one of the many topics that we discussed with Climate Change & Sustainability Influencer, Roberta Boscolo. Boscolo is the Climate & Energy Lead at the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

“The hole in the Earth’s ozone layer, once the most feared environmental peril facing humanity, is set to be completely healed over most of the world within two decades following decisive action by governments to phase out ozone-depleting substances, a new UN assessment has found.” as reported by Oliver Milman in The Guardian on 9th January 2023.

The full article, Earth’s ozone layer on course to be healed within decades, UN report finds, can be read here.

We asked Roberta for her comments on this news.

Roberta Boscolo WMO“The Montreal Protocol, which was signed in 1987, was actually successful. You know, there was scientific evidence, that these ozone depleting chemicals that we were releasing in the atmosphere were eroding the important ozone layer.

We had all the parties coming together signing this protocol in Montreal, for phasing out these ozone-depleting substances. Now that nearly 90% of these chemicals are banned, the protocol has succeeded to safeguard the ozone layer.

So, you know, this is an example of how the world came together to solve this problem, and succeeded. So, let’s take this as an example for climate change and biodiversity loss as we can do it together.”

So, that gives us obviously, a very good example of hope. And when systems work, and people get involved at all different levels in society, what can actually happen, doesn’t it?

“We have the will. This is such good news, because this scientific assessment that came out yesterday, says that the ozone layer is on track to recover within the next four decades. And this is such important news, because, you know, this ozone layer in the upper stratosphere, helps to ban the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

So the science was there, they produce the evidence, the countries realize this is important, and they started to phase out these chemicals. And now, we are recovering. Nature is doing its work and is recovering the layer. It is a very good example of what we collectively can do, and just remember, we just have a one world where we live, we don’t have a planet B. So, you know, this is the only way to go.”

Roberta’s full interview will be available from Tuesday 17th January 2023 in the first episode of Season Two – Biodiversity in the Built Environment with World Meteorological Organisation Climate & Sustainability Influencer, Roberta Boscolo

Plus she will be one of the panellists in the Constructive Voices’ Biodiversity in the Built Environment Round Table on 31st January.

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Written by: Jackie De Burca

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