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colonial impact and Indigenous Architecture

Indigenous Architecture

Colonial Impact and Indigenous Architecture: Tracing the Journey of Design Resilience

Indigenous Architecture has a rich history steeped in centuries of tradition and culture. However, with the arrival of colonial powers and their imposition of colonization architecture, indigenous building traditions were challenged. This section explores the impact of colonialism on Indigenous Architecture, highlighting the importance of tracing the journey of design resilience that has emerged as a result. Indigenous Architecture is a reflection of cultural heritage, and its preservation is vital […]

todaySeptember 12, 2023

Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainable Architecture

Indigenous Architecture

Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainable Architecture: A Global Perspective

As the world continues to grapple with the effects of climate change, sustainable architecture has emerged as a crucial tool for mitigating its impact. At the heart of this movement lies the integration of indigenous knowledge with sustainable design and eco-friendly construction practices. Indigenous knowledge refers to the cumulative body of knowledge and skills developed by communities over generations through direct contact with the environment. This knowledge is deeply rooted […]

todaySeptember 6, 2023

Contemporary Indigenous Architecture

Indigenous Architecture

Revitalization of Traditional Techniques: A Closer Look at Contemporary Indigenous Architecture

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of Contemporary Indigenous Architecture. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of Indigenous architectural design, exploring the fusion of traditional techniques with modern innovation. We will examine the key principles and practices that underpin this unique design discipline, highlighting its significance in preserving cultural heritage and promoting sustainability. Contemporary Indigenous Architecture is an emerging field that celebrates the diversity of Indigenous cultures […]

todayAugust 14, 2023

Spiritual Dimensions of Indigenous Architecture

Indigenous Architecture

Sacred Spaces: The Spiritual Dimensions of Indigenous Architecture

Indigenous architecture is much more than just a physical structure; it is an embodiment of the culture and beliefs of indigenous communities. Each building reflects a deep spiritual connection with nature and a reverence for the ancestors. The spiritual dimensions of indigenous architecture are crucial to understanding the significance of these structures to the people who inhabit them. From the towering totem poles of the Pacific Northwest to the intricate […]

todayAugust 14, 2023

Building with Nature

Indigenous Architecture

Building with Nature: Sustainability in Indigenous Architectural Practices

Welcome to our article on Building with Nature, an approach to sustainable construction that embraces nature-inspired architecture and eco-friendly building practices. In this article, we will explore how indigenous architectural practices prioritize sustainability and the use of natural building materials. We will also discuss the significance of green infrastructure and biodiversity-friendly construction in Building with Nature. Building with Nature is more than just a construction concept; it is a way […]

todayAugust 14, 2023

Indigenous Architecture in Modern Contexts

Indigenous Architecture

Resilience and Tradition: Exploring the Significance of Indigenous Architecture in Modern Contexts

Welcome to our article on Indigenous Architecture in Modern Contexts. The ways in which architecture can contribute to cultural preservation, environmental sustainability, and community empowerment in Indigenous contexts are at the forefront of contemporary architectural practices. In this article, we will explore the significance of Indigenous Architecture in Modern Contexts and how architects are combining traditional architectural practices with innovative design principles. We will look at how the integration of […]

todayAugust 14, 2023

Cultural Identity and Built Environment

Indigenous Architecture

Cultural Identity and Built Environment: Unraveling the Story of Indigenous Architecture

When we think of architecture, we typically consider the aesthetic and functional aspects of buildings. However, architecture is more than just the physical structure. It tells a story about the culture and identity of the people who designed and built it. The interplay between cultural identity and the built environment is an essential element in shaping societies and preserving cultural heritage. The built environment reflects the cultural values, beliefs and […]

todayAugust 14, 2023

Meghalaya Julia Watson lo tek indigenous architecture


Episode 36: Harvard & Columbia University Professor Julia Watson Explains What We Need To Learn From Indigenous Architecture

Julia Watson, Designer, activist, academic, and author of Lo—TEK Design by Radical Indigenism One of the treats we have in store for listeners is an interview with Julia Watson....available below and on your favourite podcast channel from Tuesday 19th July. Julia is a leading expert of Lo—TEK nature-based technologies for climate-resilience. Her eponymously named studio brings creative and conceptual, interdisciplinary thinking to design projects and corporations interested in systemic and […]

todayJuly 2, 2022