Burundi Built Environment

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Burundi Built Environment is a selection of articles and podcasts about green building, construction, biodiversity and more in Burundi.

Burundi Green Building History

Burundi Built Environment

Burundi Green Building History

Burundi, a small landlocked country in East Africa, has a rich history of sustainable construction and eco-friendly architecture. With a focus on environmentally conscious building practices, the country has made significant strides in transforming its urban landscape and promoting sustainable urban development. From government initiatives to private sector investments, Burundi has been at the forefront of the green building movement in Africa. Over the years, sustainable construction in Burundi has […]

todayOctober 8, 2023

Burundi Biodiversity


Burundi Biodiversity: Animal and Plant Species and What Is Under Threat

Burundi is home to a diverse range of animal and plant species, making it a biodiversity hotspot in East Africa. The country boasts an impressive variety of wildlife, including 2,950 species of plants, 596 species of birds, 163 species of mammals, 52 species of reptiles, 56 species of amphibians, and 215 species of fish. However, the very existence of these species is under threat due to population pressure, deforestation, and […]

todayOctober 4, 2023

Burundi Top Green Buildings

Burundi Built Environment

Burundi Top Green Buildings: An Overview

Burundi is home to a remarkable array of top green buildings that are leading the way in sustainable architecture and eco-friendly construction practices. These buildings not only showcase the country's commitment to environmental sustainability but also highlight the fusion of traditional and modern building techniques. One of the key contributors to sustainable architecture in Burundi is the traditional architecture of the Rugo. Built entirely of plant material, the Rugo is […]

todaySeptember 22, 2023