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Bangladesh Biodiversity

Bangladesh Built Environment

Bangladesh Biodiversity: Animal and Plant Species and What Is Under Threat

Bangladesh is home to a rich and diverse array of animal and plant species, but unfortunately, many of them are under threat. The country's first-ever red list of plant species has revealed that seven species have already been lost in the last century, and at least another five are at risk of extinction. Climate change, pollution, deforestation, and poor management of protected areas have been identified as major drivers of this ecological damage to Bangladesh Biodiversity. Key Takeaways: Bangladesh has […]

todaySeptember 19, 2023

Focus on Female Engineers with Océane Mbaputa


S2, E15: Focus on Female Engineers with Océane Mbaguta

S2, E15: Focus on Female Engineers with Océane Mbaguta Constructive Voices, has been inspired by a former guest to create something new and exciting. Thanks to Emma Nicholson, we are collaborating to bring you a number of episodes that Focus on Females in the built environment. So far these have been extremely well received.In the third Focus on Females episode features , Emma Nicholson speaks to Océane Mbaguta, a recent Environmental Engineering graduate. Océane's interview will be a great inspiration […]

todaySeptember 17, 2023

Bahrain biodiversity

Bahrain Built Environment

Bahrain Biodiversity: Animal and Plant Species and What Is Under Threat

  Bahrain, meaning 'two seas' in Arabic, is an archipelago off the coast of Saudi Arabia with a rich biodiversity that is under threat from various factors. Key Takeaways: Bahrain is an archipelago off the coast of Saudi Arabia with a rich biodiversity. The nation's biodiversity is under threat from climate change, rising sea levels, water scarcity, and other factors. Bahrain boasts unique animal and plant species, including the endangered Houbara bustard and the largest breeding colony of the Socotra […]

todaySeptember 14, 2023

Bahamas Biodiversity

Bahamas Built Environment

Bahamas Biodiversity: Animal and Plant Species and What Is Under Threat

The Bahamas is home to a stunning array of animal and plant species, with some of them facing significant threats to their survival. The rich biodiversity of this archipelago, which comprises over 700 islands, cays, and rocks, is considered a "hotspot" in the Caribbean region. Key Takeaways: The islands of The Bahamas cover approximately 100,000 square miles and consist of diverse marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Marine environments, including coral reefs and pelagic fisheries, play a vital role in the country's […]

todaySeptember 14, 2023

green building Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Built Environment

Exploring Green Building in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Eco-Friendly

Green building practices have been gaining popularity around the world as countries strive towards sustainable development and reducing the environmental impact of construction. Bosnia and Herzegovina is no exception, with a growing interest in eco-friendly construction methods and sustainable architecture. The country, located in southeastern Europe, is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of reducing its carbon footprint and promoting environmental sustainability in the construction sector. One of the key aspects of green building in Bosnia and Herzegovina is energy […]

todaySeptember 14, 2023

green building bolivia

Bolivia Built Environment

Green Building Bolivia ♥ A Short Guide

Bolivia, a landlocked country in South America, is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. In recent times, Bolivia has emerged as a leader in implementing green building practices, which focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable construction methods. With its diverse ecological regions, Bolivia offers a unique landscape to explore and implement these practices. In Green Building Bolivia | A Short Guide, you will learn quickly about the current state of play in beautiful Bolivia for green […]

todaySeptember 14, 2023

UN Plan

Constructive Voices News

UN plan promises massive emission cuts in the construction sector – the most polluting and toughest to decarbonise

Nairobi, 12 September 2023 – Rapid urbanisation worldwide means every five days, the world adds buildings equivalent to the size of Paris, with the built environment sector already responsible for 37 per cent of global emissions. A report published today by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Yale Center for Ecosystems + Architecture (Yale CEA), under the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC), offers solutions to decarbonize the buildings and construction sector and reduce the waste it generates.The report, Building […]

todaySeptember 13, 2023

Azerbaijan Green Building

Azerbaijan Built Environment

Embracing Azerbaijan Green Building for a Sustainable Future

As the global focus on sustainability and environmental conservation grows, countries around the world are making efforts to embrace green building practices to ensure a sustainable future. Azerbaijan, a nation located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, is no exception. In recent years, the country has been actively promoting and implementing green building initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and conserve natural resources. This article explores the various aspects of Azerbaijan's green building movement and highlights the […]

todaySeptember 12, 2023

colonial impact and Indigenous Architecture

Indigenous Architecture

Colonial Impact and Indigenous Architecture: Tracing the Journey of Design Resilience

Indigenous Architecture has a rich history steeped in centuries of tradition and culture. However, with the arrival of colonial powers and their imposition of colonization architecture, indigenous building traditions were challenged. This section explores the impact of colonialism on Indigenous Architecture, highlighting the importance of tracing the journey of design resilience that has emerged as a result. Indigenous Architecture is a reflection of cultural heritage, and its preservation is vital to the identity of indigenous communities. Colonization architecture, however, often […]

todaySeptember 12, 2023