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Antigua and Barbuda biodiversity

Antigua and Barbuda Built Environment

Antigua and Barbuda Biodiversity: Animal and Plant Species and What is under Threat

Antigua and Barbuda is a small island nation located in the Caribbean Sea. Despite its size, the region boasts a rich and diverse range of animal and plant species, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. Unfortunately, Antigua and Barbuda's biodiversity is under threat from a variety of factors, including human activity and climate change. In this section, we will explore the unique flora and fauna of […]

todaySeptember 8, 2023

Angola biodiversity

Angola Built Environment

Angola Biodiversity: Animal and Plant Species and What Is Under Threat

Angola's biodiversity is rich in diverse animal and plant species, many of which are unique and can only be found in this African country. From the giant sable antelope to the Welwitschia plant, Angola's natural heritage is an integral part of the country's cultural and ecological landscape. However, despite the country's abundance of unique wildlife and plant species, many are under threat, with the risk of extinction looming. The increasing […]

todaySeptember 8, 2023

Albania biodiversity

Albania Built Environment

Albania Biodiversity: Animal and Plant Species and What is Under Threat

Albania, located in the Balkans, is home to a rich diversity of animal and plant species. Its geographical location has contributed to its high level of biodiversity, making it a unique and valuable part of Europe's ecosystem. However, this biodiversity is under threat from various factors, including habitat loss, climate change, and human activity such as hunting and pollution. To preserve Albania's natural treasures, efforts must be made towards wildlife […]

todaySeptember 8, 2023

biodiversity offsetting


What is biodiversity offsetting?

Biodiversity offsetting is a conservation strategy that aims to balance development with environmental protection and create positive impacts on our ecosystems. It involves compensating for the loss of biodiversity caused by development by implementing measures to restore or enhance ecosystems elsewhere. In some countries, such as England, it is called Biodiversity Net Gain. Biodiversity offsetting is a way to mitigate the negative effects of development on the environment and ensure […]

todayAugust 2, 2023

nature positive future


How to turn the corner to a nature positive future in the built environment

Welcome to our article on creating a nature positive future in the built environment. As the world continues to face environmental challenges, it's crucial that we find ways to reduce our impact on the planet. One way to achieve this is through a nature positive approach to architecture and design in the built environment. In this article, we will explore the steps needed to turn the corner towards a nature […]

todayJuly 31, 2023



Why Biodiversity Is Good For Business In The Built Environment

Biodiversity Is Good For Business while also being a necessity now for the times we are living in We urgently need to adopt nature positive solutions but it is important to understand that biodiversity is not only to protect the environment, but it can also attract customers and boost profits. Plus it is central to our health. In this feature, we will explore why biodiversity is beneficial for businesses in […]

todayJuly 14, 2023



How To Deliver Urban Nature-Based Solutions

As cities continue to grow and face numerous challenges, promoting sustainability and creating livable urban environments are becoming more crucial than ever. One effective way to achieve these goals is through urban nature-based solutions. Urban nature-based solutions involve integrating nature into urban settings, including green infrastructure, urban forests, parks, and gardens. By incorporating nature into city planning and development, it is possible to improve the quality of life for urban […]

todayJuly 14, 2023

environmental net gain


What is Environmental Net Gain?

Environmental net gain is an innovative concept that has gained traction in recent years as a crucial strategy for achieving a sustainable future. It refers to the idea of increasing the overall value and health of natural ecosystems and biodiversity by creating new habitats or enhancing existing ones to compensate for any impacts caused by human activities such as development or infrastructure projects. Net gain is a relatively new term […]

todayJuly 12, 2023

cities leading for biodiversity


10 Top Cities Leading For Biodiversity in the Built Environment

Welcome to our article on the top 10 cities in the world that are leading the way for biodiversity in the built environment. In today's world, sustainable urban living has become a necessity, and these cities are making a profound difference in promoting urban biodiversity. In this article about the cities leading for biodiversity, we'll take a closer look at each city's initiatives that prioritise biodiversity and how their efforts […]

todayJuly 11, 2023