Episode Two On 20th April: Pete The Builder Explores A Solution To Staffing Issues. Jennie Armstrong Talks Health And Henry McDonald Investigates Plastic Waste.

Constructive Voices health with Jennie Armstrong
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In Episode 2, Peter Finn will talk from personal experience about a solution to staffing issues. Top expert, Jennie Armstrong, talks about health and Henry McDonald investigates plastic waste.

Date: 20th April 2021

Coming up on this episode of Constructive Voices, Henry MacDonald has been looking into a big topic for the industry, plastic waste. How can we cut down on using plastic? What alternatives are there? And why should we be bothered about it anyway?

Pete the Builder Is back to share his experiences of apprenticeships – he’s been one and he’s hired many. And he’s a big fan, despite the potential for things to go wrong! 

Keeping people safe and healthy especially has been in focus for everyone since early 2020. And the construction industry has made great strides over the years to ensure site safety. But what can we also do to ensure that the health part of health and safety is given greater status?  Top expert, Jennie Armstrong, has taken some time out from her busy schedule to give you guidelines on this crucial issue.

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