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What Top Industry Experts Predict For

New Year Special: What Top Experts Predict In 2022

Welcome to the Constructive Voices New Year Special 2022. Release Date: 11th January 2022

Listen to a global panel of top experts as they reveal their industry predictions for the coming year. 

From Emma Link of the Construction Industry Training Board in the United Kingdom, to Amie Shuttleworth in Hong Kong and Phll Carpenter in California. Our guests have some very interesting predictions for you.

Highlights From Our 2021 Episodes

Ep. 20: Jam-Packed With Highlights From Our 2021 Episodes

Episode 20 is absolutely jam-packed with highlights from all of our 2021 episodes. Whether you are a regular listener or curious to check out the podcast, this episode is a great choice for you

Changing Streams Ep 19

Ep. 19: Can This Organisation Eliminate Or Greatly Reduce Plastic Within The Construction Industry?

Henry Interviews Wendy Jones and Neal Maxwell of Changing Streams. We catch up on some fascinating facts and this admirable organisation's progress.

Constructive Voices post cop 26

Ep. 18: Post COP26 Special: Top Worldwide Experts Question Victoria Kate Burrows of the World Green Building Council Post COP26

This episode is a follow-on from Episode 17. Top experts ask Victoria Kate Burrows of the World Green Building Council questions.