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As the construction industry moves towards environmentally responsible practices, biodiversity net gain has become an increasingly important concept.

As a construction company, are you prepared for this shift?

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Biodiversity net gain refers to the idea that development should leave biodiversity in a better state than it was previously. This means that for every loss of natural habitat due to construction, there should be a greater gain elsewhere.

Biodiversity net gain is a powerful tool for conserving and enhancing the natural environment, and it plays a key role in addressing the biodiversity crisis.

Constructive Voices is committed to promoting sustainable and responsible construction practices. We believe that biodiversity net gain is essential for ensuring the long-term health and viability of our ecosystem.

In this short article, we will explore what biodiversity net gain involves and how it can benefit the construction industry.

Benefits of Biodiversity Net Gain

Biodiversity net gain has numerous benefits for both the environment and the construction industry. Here are some of the ways it can be advantageous:

– Enhancing the natural environment: By creating additional habitats and improving the quality of existing ones, biodiversity net gain can contribute to the health and diversity of local ecosystems. This helps to support a range of plant and animal species, including rare and endangered ones.

– Improving public health and wellbeing: Access to natural environments has been shown to have positive effects on mental and physical health. Biodiversity net gain can help to create green spaces that are accessible to the public and improve the quality of life for local communities.

– Providing a competitive advantage: As biodiversity net gain becomes more widely adopted and expected, companies that are prepared to ensure that their developments result in a net gain in biodiversity will be at an advantage in securing planning permissions for their projects.

How to achieve Biodiversity Net Gain

Biodiversity net gain can be achieved through a range of measures, depending on the type and scale of the development. These may include:

– Protecting existing habitats: Construction sites often contain habitats that are home to a range of species. Protecting these habitats by fencing them off and ensuring that they are not disturbed during the construction period can provide a significant benefit to biodiversity.

– Creating new habitats: Where existing habitats cannot be protected, creating new ones can help to compensate for the loss. This might involve planting native trees and shrubs, installing ponds or wetland areas, or creating meadows and wildflower areas.

– Incorporating biodiversity into design: Building design can be an important factor in promoting biodiversity. Incorporating green roofs and facades, bird and bat boxes, and insect-friendly planting can help to support a range of species and create habitats in unexpected places.

At Constructive Voices, we believe that the construction industry has an important role to play in protecting and enhancing the natural environment. By embracing biodiversity net gain, we can create developments that are not just environmentally responsible, but also provide long-lasting benefits for society.

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Written by: Jackie De Burca

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