Episode 20: Jam-Packed With Highlights From Our 2021 Episodes

todayDecember 27, 2021


Episode 20 is absolutely jam-packed with highlights from all of our 2021 episodes. Whether you are a regular listener or curious to check out the podcast, this episode is a great choice for you.

Great Guests & Topics

We look back at the great guests and topics since launching in April 2021. Listen in to get a fascinating taste of the breadth of subjects that the Constructive Voices podcast features.

The team are very grateful to the excellent guests that took the time to be part of our vision in its first nine months.


Professor Michael Parksinson about the proposed Everton football stadium

Prof. Michael Parkinson Ep 5 Constructive Voices-1

Talking to top journalist and presenter, Henry McDonald. Prof. Michael Parkinson delivers a superb interview that investigates the proposed Everton stadium project as well as delving into Liverpool’s regeneration. 

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Women & Sustainability in Construction

Latest episode of the Constructive Voices podcast looks at how women can create sustainable change

Listen to some insightful excerpts from Emma Nicholson and Sumele Aruofor taken from another superb interview with Henry McDonald.

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Kevin McLoughlin outside Downing Street-1

Next we look back at Episode 12.

Henry McDonald talks to Kevin McLoughlin MBE about how we can attract workers into the industry.

Kevin owns K&M McLoughlin Decorating, which has a turnover of £6m+ and a company that heavily invests in the apprenticeship scheme. In 2010 he created K&M Painting & Decorating College as his business needs were not being met by the local colleges.

And the episode features many more highlights!

Written by: Jackie De Burca

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