Episode 26: Spot The Robot With Trimble’s Top Expert & Balfour Beatty Case Study

todayMarch 1, 2022


In Episode 26 of the Constructive Voices podcast, Henry Mc Donald speaks to David Burczyk, Construction Robotics Lead at Trimble Connected Construction, and Mark Crawford, Business Manager at Balfour Beatty, to speak about their exciting collaboration, Spot the Robot, who could be our future new co-worker on construction sites.

Robotics platforms such as Spot have huge potential in making construction sites safer, more efficient and more streamlined places of work. From covering repetitive tasks on-site, mitigating health and safety risks to employees, and delivering real-time data, we could be seeing the future of construction sites unfold before our eyes.

Available from 22 March 2022


“It can undertake any surveying, monitoring or capture activity on on any site that you know there are certain limitations and restrictions.”

Mark Crawford

“They’re there to do the tasks that are the unsafe task, the repetitive tasks, or even, just the the ones that you don’t want to have a person having to do that kind of work on a day to day basis – let the teams on site focus on the higher value tasks.”

David Burczyk

“There’s finite availability of labor and resource availability, whether that’s skilled or unskilled, the UK as well as the global market. Spot very much complements that workforce.”

Mark Crawford

“I like to call it a “collaborative robot” or a “co-bot”, and it’s there to supplement the teams that are on site.”

David Burczyk

“If you look at the full power cycle of it, our energy cycle usage, then it’s a sustainable model as well”

Mark Crawford

About David Burczyk, Construction Robotics Lead at Trimble Connected Construction

David Burczyk is the Construction Robotics Lead at Trimble where he is responsible for the business area management and the strategic product development of the Trimble construction robotics solutions. With over twenty years of AEC industry experience promoting technology and collaboration among design and construction teams, David is focused on the development and implementation of tailored construction robotic solutions to advance the field productivity of AEC contractors, architects, and engineers.

About Mark Crawford, Business Manager at Balfour Beatty

Mark Crawford is the business manager for Balfour Beatty and is responsible for looking after digital and survey. He has been with Balfour Beatty for just over two years. Prior to that he spent a year with Trimble, working with for one of their UK distributor distribution partners in the geospatial side. He started off working in finance, commercial and then his strong forte on survey lead his to where he is now, working one the digitisation of traditional surveys. 

Written by: Tara Flanagan

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