Episode 31: How Schools & Sustainability Can Be Linked With Dr. Joe Jack Williams

todayMay 30, 2022


How Schools & Sustainability Can Be Linked With Dr. Joe Jack Williams

Don’t miss this fascinating interview with Henry Mc Donald talking to top architect, Dr Joe Jack Williams, whose specialism is understanding the impact of the built environment on schools.

Ever think about your school days and wonder how you managed to learn anything in a cold, depressing classroom? Or maybe you were more privileged and sat in an inspiring space surrounded by nature?

Either way there’s a good chance you will enjoy this great interview with one of the speakers at FOOTPRINT+


Manchester School of Art FCBStudios

Manchester School of Art FCBStudios – Copyright Hufton + Crow

If a school feels important, feels loved, the students respect it that little bit more… kids are very impressionable.

So even if it’s painted, if it’s kept clean, it will just perpetuate that idea.

University of Roehampton Library FCBStudios

University of Roehampton Library FCBStudios, Copyright Hufton + Crow

The problem with a lot of this is how do you measure attainment and academic performance?

And that’s the real complexity.

About Dr. Joe Jack Williams

Dr Joe Jack Williams is an Associate and researcher at FCBStudios and, alongside Ian Taylor, leads environmental research at the practice, identifying, developing and enabling research across sectors and projects.


His specialism is the influence of the school building on the students studying within, measuring perceptions, environmental performance and building forms as well as predicting, measuring and mitigating carbon impacts of architecture.

He has taught at a number of universities in the UK and is part of core research groups within Architects Declare, CIBSE and LETI.

Written by: Jackie De Burca

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