Episode 35: FOOTPRINT+ Special 4 With Interviews From The Event

todayJuly 1, 2022


Episode 35: FOOTPRINT+ Special 4 With Interviews From The Event

We really enjoyed being at the Footprint+ event earlier this month. Speaking to so many different people with the same goal was really refreshing. We still have one more episode to bring you, plus a couple of bonus episodes!

If you missed any interviews from the event, you can catch them on the previous specials one, two and three.

To begin the final episode of this four-part series, Pete the Builder spoke to Adrienne Bloch about women and their role in the construction industry

adrienne bloch constructive voicesAdrienne Bloch is the ESG, Managing Director for Bloch Solutions.

She was a chairperson at the event. Her talk was entitled MMC delivers massive carbon savings.

After reviewing post-construction evaluations and analysis for projects such as George Street and The Valentine, there is enough evidence to accurately say that when compared to traditional builds, modular construction results in a significant reduction in embodied carbon emissions.

Adrienne believes that modular construction will make it easier for women to play a more critical role in the industry.

With 30 years of experience in the construction industry, Adrienne is the founder of Bloch Solutions. Adrienne adds value by challenging the norm and championing sustainable commercial solutions by supporting team members to be ambitious and collaborative, resulting in commercial and individual success.

Adrienne leads Bloch Solutions with a specific focus on maximising environmental, social and economic outcomes, and ESG investment.

“The environment is much easier for women to participate in. I think it is going to be a real game-changer in terms of getting women into construction”

Next up, Steve Randall spoke to David Lewis about life sciences

david lewis constructive voicesDavid Lewis is the Operations & Finance Director for Ironstone Asset Management Limited.

Life Sciences is a topic that is growing at an increasing rate and one in which David takes a particular interest.

He believes that there is a lack of suitable office and lab space in the UK. Together with his team, they try to create space for science. They focus on what they call the golden triangle, the space between London, Cambridge, and Oxford.

David has over 25 years of global commercial and operational finance experience within real estate, social infrastructure, and assets sales to investment funds. He is both hands-on and team-focused, possessing significant expertise in developing finance operations to provide meaningful and insightful financial analysis.

“We only have eight people on our team but one of the first people we actually hired was a sustainability director, so that is how important we treat it”

Pete the Builder spoke to Rory Bergin about the hot topic of modular construction

With a personal interest in all things sustainable, Rory Bergin is the Head of Sustainability for HTA Design. He was a keynote speaker at the event. His talk was entitled MMC delivers massive carbon savings.

rory berginModular construction is a trending topic as we remain in the liminal space between traditional construction methods and new more sustainable construction methods. There are many benefits to this method of construction including it being cleaner, quieter and reduces the amount of traffic on the site.

Rory has over 25 years of experience in the architecture profession. In the last 10 of these, he has set up and run the Sustainable Features team at HTA Design. As a personal goal, Rory wishes to be at the forefront of sustainable housing design.

He believes that his involvement with award-winning and cutting-edge projects like Hanham Hall has helped him achieve this goal.

Rory’s ambition is to deliver some ground-breaking innovative sustainable designs that set the standard for the new generation of environmentally, socially and economically sustainable places.

“Volumetric construction is about 40-45, 50% less energy-intensive than traditional construction”

justin guest

Justin Guest is a partner at Archipelago Eco Investors. He was a keynote speaker at the event. His talk was entitled Carbon Offsetting – Where is your carbon pot best spent?

Once all efforts to improve building fabric and utilise renewable energy sources have been exhausted, carbon offsetting provides the final tool to realise Net Zero Carbon buildings.

Justin is an environmental finance specialist, with 20+ years of experience across various climate finance and renewable markets. As an early participant in global carbon markets, Justin has had a wealth of experience in designing, developing and monetising projects that reduce emissions and capture value through carbon crediting regimes. Justin and his fellow Partner, Lucy, are developing a targeted €100m plastics and climate circularity fund- The Future of Plastics Fund.

“Offsetting is absolutely a legitimate strategy when it is done right”

Pete the Builder spoke to Romy Rawlings for the penultimate interview in this special.

romy rawlingsRomy Rawlings is the Commercial Director at Vestre. She is a Chartered Landscape Architect with lots of experience as a consultant, designer, project manager and researcher.

Romy has an enduring belief in the value that the external environment offers to everyone who engages with it.

Romy believes we are not on track to hit our Net Zero carbon goals. She agrees that people are taking steps in the right direction but thinks we are not moving fast enough across the whole industry to meet our 2030 or 2050 deadlines.

“I think we are some way off meeting those targets genuinely”

For the final interview of this four-part Footprint+ special, Steve Randall spoke to Philip Steele of Octopus Energy.

philip steele constructive voicesPhilip Steele is the Future Technologies Evangelist at Octopus Energy. He is instrumental in driving innovation in areas such as time-of-use tariffs, export tariffs, Smart Energy connected products & services and grant-funded R&D projects.

As fossil fuel energy is one of the world’s biggest polluters if we have any hope of reaching a Net-Zero carbon future we need to change the energy system on a global scale.

Octopus Energy Generation is one of Europe’s largest investors in renewable power, managing 300+ UK green energy producers, most of these being solar and wind farms.

“We are actually nearly there already, we are already at 40% of our energy being generated by wind and solar”

Written by: Chloe C

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