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Episode Eight: Understand Mixed Reality and its Commercial Uses Easily with Architect, James Lee Burgess

Written by Jackie De Burca

20th July 2021: Release Date

Understand Mixed Reality and its Commercial Uses Easily with Architect, James Lee Burgess. Pete The Builder Discusses the Huge Challenge of the Rising Costs of Materials

Architect, James Lee Burgess, explains what is Mixed Reality in an accessible way. If you are hoping to understand MR this is an easy way to absorb it.

James, who is super enthusiastic about Mixed Reality along with mentoring, collaboration and sustainability, also covers the Microsoft HoloLens and Trimble Connect.

By the end of his interview, you will really get Mixed Reality, Plus you will understand how it is different from Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. James illustrates perfectly how MR can be applied effectively in a commercial setting.

Since the interview with James Lee Burgess, his company XLwerks has rebranded as Urban XR to reflect their success and expertise in Mixed Reality and AR in the built environment.

The Mixed Reality interview is followed by our man on the ground, Pete The Builder. Ireland’s favourite TV builder, Pete Finn, will be discussing one of the biggest challenges of the moment – the rising costs of materials.

This episode of Constructive Voices is sponsored by Viewpoint, a Trimble Company.

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Jackie De Burca

Creative director, author, podcaster, presenter and media consultant. De Burca’s first podcast, Creative Places and Faces, is ranked in the top two percent of all podcasts worldwide, by Listen Notes. She is also director of the award-winning digital agency, CWA with a client list that includes the construction industry. Over the years, she has developed creative concepts and written scripts for a series of health and safety videos, which were key to upgrading the safety practices of many companies.

As well as producing and directing, De Burca also teaches media to private and college students. She is committed to sustainability and connected to the environment, and its potential to nurture our lives.

De Burca is the author of Salvador Dalí at Home and the creator of Travel Inspires.

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