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Episode Ten: How do Europe and America compare when it comes to Green Building – interview with Daniel Jaconetti. Pete discusses workers and material issues

EP 10 Daniel Jaconetti
Written by Jackie De Burca

Henry McDonald talks to sustainable architect, Daniel Jaconetti, about his work and how Europe compares to the USA when it comes to green building. Daniel’s passion lies in biomimetic concepts and how technologies inspired by nature can create responsive environmental that coexist with their ecologies. His chat with Henry is a real eye-opener packed with excellent insights and information.

“If I were looking to buy a new home right? I would be looking for something that was maybe net-zero or Passive House. Solar panels on the roof for sure. Right. And there are other people that just seem to have this rebellion against it. And I think it might be because there’s a misconception that being pro-environment pro sustainability is anti-business.”

Daniel Jaconetti, National Sustainable Design Leader at HED

Pete The Builder discusses the day-to-day reality of the industry’s challenges of a shortage of both materials and workers.

“I’ve got a client A, B and C they all want me to do work at the same time. They all want to use materials that I’m not even sure that I can get my hands on them. And when I do get my hands on them, actually, I’m not sure what the price of those materials are going to be. I’m going to need three different crews to work on the three different projects and I’m not sure if I can even get two crews never mind three crews. It’s a challenge there’s no doubt about it, you know.”

Peter Finn a.k.a. Pete The Builder

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