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Episode Three 11th May 2021

Written by jackie

Mixed Reality In Construction, A Mates Chat About Mental Health & An In-Depth Look At Apprenticeships

If you have been wondering about how you might integrate Mixed Reality into your construction projects, you have definitely come to the right place. Jordan Lawver, of Trimble, gives an excellent and entertaining introduction to this topic. Learn from Jordan how Mixed Reality can really work for you.

Listen to Pete The Builder and Steve Randall as they chat openly about one of the most important issues of our time: mental health. Somehow the guys manage to balance the serious nature of stress and mental health while also injecting a sense of humour.

Henry McDonald interviews Josh Mathias, the M.D. of The Hythe Group. This is an honest feature about how Josh has been on both sides of the fence, what role apprentices play in his business and how he tries to ensure that this works for everyone involved.

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