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New research and development facility approved for leading UK OEM in Gas Detection and Analysis

todaySeptember 1, 2021


ION Science, a global leader in the field of gas detection and VOC (volatile organic compound) analysis and the UK’s only OEM in the sector, have recently received approval for a brand-new research and development facility at their headquarters in Fowlmere, Cambridgeshire.

The new research and development centre compliments ION Science’s main building that was developed in 2017. Both structures have been designed by local architectural practice Gary Johns Architects, and are intended to be environmentally friendly, in-keeping with the surroundings of local villages, and deliver superior facilities for long- and short-term growth of the business.

Fully equipped with a sensors research lab, prototyping lab for product testing, and a metrology lab and all the latest technological advancements in gas analysis and detection, the new research and development centre represents the continued growth of ION Science, but also the importance of their work. Increased demand for gas analysis devices, particularly fixed and portable, as well as the need for ever-more accurate sensors, has placed ION Science’s work in high regard around the world.

The company has grown rapidly in recent years, and in order to continue to deliver high-quality products, the need for a new research and development centre quickly became a priority. ION Science delivers market-leading products in gas analysis and detection, working with companies around the world in industries that include oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, construction and medical manufacturing. The demand for accurate and reliable devices and sensors has quickly raised ION Science’s profile to be one of market-leading excellence.

Following in the footsteps of the main headquarters, the new research and development facility will use many of the same building principles and design aspects. That includes use of sustainable materials, ground source heat pumps, electric vehicle charging points and ecologically designed landscaping to support local wildlife.

The new facility will also provide additional employment opportunities for the local community, something ION Science are keen to support with. The vast majority of ION Science’s employees are local to the Cambridgeshire area, and there are supporting links with the Cambridge universities for research placement students.

Duncan Johns, Managing Director of ION Science, spoke of the new research and development centre: “We are delighted to have the new research and development facility approved for construction. ION Science has somewhat outgrown the current research facilities we have, and so the opportunity to expand and continue to grow and develop this key aspect of our work is a great step forward for the company. Being able to collaborate with Gary Johns Architects in creating another sustainable, environmentally friendly building was central to our vision, and we’re pleased to be working with them again.”

ION Science’s new building is expected to be completed within the next few years, with initial designs showing a building that is both modern and low profile, fitting seamlessly with the landscape and current building. As the demand for accurate and reliable gas analysis and detection only continues to grow, ION Science have demonstrated they are more than capable of keeping up with thoughtful investment and long-term strategic planning for the business and local community.

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