Episode One On 6th April: Shifting Sands To Economic Recovery: How Aggregates Serve As Signs. Plus Biometrics & Their Role In Your Business. Meet Pete The TV Builder.


Date: 6th April

We are delighted to launch the podcast by welcoming Michael Bryant, who is the Commercial Director of Biosite Systems Ltd. Many of Biosite Systems’ products have become vital during the pandemic for construction sites that need to find technological solutions in order to keep their sites open and running as safely as possible.

Matt asks Michael about how technology has helped in the construction industry’s response to COVID-19 and the role workforce management and access control systems have played on site as well as different ways the pandemic has altered the industry.

Meet the Irish TV Builder, Peter Finn, with his down-to-earth but entertaining story about how a “normal” builder like him ended up on television.

Henry’s feature for this episode is a timely interview with Guy Woodford about the worldwide aggregate industry and how we can perceive it as “shifting sands to economic recovery.”

More about Biosite Systems

Biosite Systems supports the digital transformation of the construction industry through the development and deployment of technology-enabled solutions.

Biosite is the UK market leader in workforce management for construction and specialises in biometric access control and technology solutions developed specifically improve on-site efficiency, health and safety and compliance. At the heart of all Biosite solutions is the capture of quality data that is converted to valuable real-time insight, to enable more informed decision making.

Biosite’s integrated suite of products also includes a market-leading Wireless Fire Alarm, Online Induction, Corporate Reporting, Delivery Management, Document Management, CCTV and Manned Guarding.