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Engagingly Active

You will get your own radio channel which can be embedded and streaming on your website. Of course, you can integrate it into other assets …CVR is your brand’s oyster!

CVR is the world’s only streaming radio channel for the AEC sectors.

Your best content may also be included on some of CVR’s radio shows and/or podcasts.

By choosing to be Engagingly Active you will get everything included in the Set Up Phase plus a new 30-minute programme produced for and with you each month!

Continue to read to discover what all of this means!

1.200,00  / month and a 4.400,00  sign-up fee


Engagingly Active

  • Your organisation’s own global streaming radio station is managed by the Constructive Voices production team.
  • The Constructive Voices team will work with your organisation to produce material around your topics plus we will come up with ideas.
  • These programmes will then be available on a loop on the Constructive Voices Digital Radio Station.
  • Your members, customers and potential customers can access programmes made specifically for you. These may take interview formats, training material, webinars, brainstorming, roundtables, Q&A sessions and so on.
  • If you run training courses, programmes can be made around a specific subject or a cluster of topics as a teaser for your training courses.
  • Your radio programmes can also be made available via a radio channel on your website.


How it works

  • Our team will work with you to produce a content plan.
  • Audio imaging will be designed for your radio programmes. This is the jingle that you hear at the beginning and end of your radio programmes.
  • Next, we will produce three half-hour programmes for you that will be broadcast on a loop on your radio channel as well as on any relevant Constructive Voices channel.
  • The above points are all part of your Set Up Phase.
  • Once the Set Up Phase is complete and your radio channel is ready, check out below what happens in the Set Up Phase.


Set up phase

  1. Programme planning with the Constructive Voices production team
  2. Audio Imaging
  3. Three 30 minute radio programmes produced for you
  4. One of our presenters will be part of each of your shows
  5. Custom radio channel set up for your brand
  6. Embed player for your website
  7. Your shows will be promoted to our audience of 20,000 +


Become …Engagingly Active

  • A new 30-minute programme is produced every month with you
  • Ongoing programme planning each month
  • A presenter on each show as much or little as you need it
  • Our team will be working during the year contract as your production partner. So we will also be there to make new and interesting programme suggestions along the way
  • All sorts of content can be repurposed also and integrated into your shows
  • Your shows will be promoted to our audience of 20,000+


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