S2, E4: Henry McDonald Podcast Tribute

todayFebruary 28, 2023


S2, E4: Henry McDonald Podcast Tribute

Today, Tuesday 28th February 2023, our beloved and esteemed colleague, Henry McDonald has been laid to rest. This episode is a tribute to Henry, with excerpts of a small selection of some of his excellent interviews for Constructive Voices. Additionally, a few guests and colleagues pay tribute to him.

Henry was a talented, prolific, versatile and empathetic journalist, author and broadcaster. He was also a very special, kind human being.

He was invited to become part of the team at Constructive Voices by our producer, Jackie De Burca, who had previously interviewed Henry McDonald.

There was serendipity in this connection as Henry suggested to Jackie to interview some of the team at Changing Streams. Constructive Voices had always intended to make a positive difference in the industry.

He spoke to Dr. Wendy Jones, the Scientific Lead and Climate Adviser firstly to tee up the hard facts behind the organisation. Then Henry spoke to Neal Maxwell, who set up Changing Streams after a life changing moment on a trip to the Artic. Neal had worked for thirty years in construction.

Neal speaks to Jackie about Henry.

Episode Two: 20th April 2021: Can we achieve zero plastic in construction by 2040? Plus top health consultant, Jennie Armstrong, pushes for a prevention attitude

If you knew Henry McDonald, you knew very well how much he loved football.

And Everton and Cliftonville were his teams.

He had already covered the story about the then proposed Everton football stadium with the renowned Liverpool expert, Prof. Michael Parkinson.

Professor Michael Parkinson C.B.E. also pays tribute to Henry.

Episode Five: Prof. Michael Parkinson. C.B.E. speaks about the proposed Everton football stadium project

Henry McDonald Podcast Tribute (1)

Henry McDonald often talked to Jackie after his interviews and was almost always delighted with the guests he or we had chosen for him to interview.

Moving on to an episode that he was especially delighted with was Episode 13 about How Women Can Help Create Sustainable Change.

This featured two wonderful women, Emma Nicholson, B.A, MSc, FCIOB, FIEMA, FWES, CEnv, FAPM, the Founding Director of Women in Sustainable Construction and Property

and Sumele Aruofor (now Adelana) who is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at SketchUp, Trimble

Episode 13: How Women Can Create Sustainable Change, Especially in Light of the IPCC Report

Both women commented on one of our LinkedIn posts:

Sumele –

This is such sad news — it was a pleasure to meet and chat with Henry. Sending my condolences to his family, friends and the Constructive Voices team. May he rest in peace.

Emma –

Goodness me I have just seen this terribly sad news about Henry. I send my deepest condolences, he was a brilliant interviewer! My best wishes and thoughts to his family. Emma Nicholson

There have been so many amazing episodes that Henry was part of, that this really is very challenging.

But one person who was part of a lot of this journey, in the background, was Sangeeta Waldron. In fact, Sangeeta was lucky enough to meet Henry in person in 2022 in his native city of Belfast.

Last but certainly not least, of this tiny tribute that only touches the surface really, is Henry’s terrier-like interview post COP26 with Victoria Kate Burrows of the World Green Building Council. 

Written by: Jackie De Burca

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