S2, E8: Sustainable Housing In Europe Challenges and Opportunities with the Global Policy Research Group

todayApril 13, 2023


S2, E8: Sustainable Housing In Europe Challenges and Opportunities with the Global Policy Research Group

The Global Policy Research Group is the the policy hub for next-generation policymakers that brings senior researchers, young professionals, and students together. One of their most recent reports investigates case studies and other aspects of Sustainable Housing in Europe.

Jackie De Burca speaks to GPRG’s Research Leader of the Environmental Solutions, Katharina Fey, and Research Fellow, Jordan Everetts about the report’s findings, which policy makers will be considering.

Discover some of the possible solutions for Sustainable Housing in Europe, hear about urban and rural concepts, existing stock, UK case studies and more.


Sustainable Housing Europe podcast

“We have one planet, we have a set of resources, use only what you need and make sure that what you have is actually being utilized, be that the resources that already exist, or be that the housing stock and it’s already there.” Katharina Fey

About Katharina Fey

Katharina FeyKatharina Fey is the Research Leader of the Environmental Solutions team at Global Policy Research Group.

She brings experience from having worked and being educated in both Germany and the UK, as well as Malaysia, the Netherlands and Sweden in her graduate studies.

First hand experience with the different facets of sustainability in each of these environments, as well as the overarching theme of overconsumption and mismanagement of resources inspired her to dedicate herself to both development and sustainability topics.

She holds a Masters Degree in Development Economics, an undergraduate degree in International Cultural and Business studies and is currently completing a complementary double degree in Development Economics with a focus on Sustainability.

Outside of academic work she enjoys exploring her current residence Sweden and engaging in post-growth and community initiatives.

“My messaging towards policymakers would be mostly to listen to what the market is saying there is a need for this type of shift towards these types of conversions towards the adoption of sustainable materials.

Towards these types of schemes, to better address sustainability issues in the housing environment.” Jordan Everetts

About Jordan Everetts

Jordan Everetts Global Policy Research GroupJordan Everetts is a research fellow at Global Policy Research Group with the Environmental Solutions team.

Jordan comes to the GPRG team from a small, rural town in Central Pennsylvania in the United States.

Growing up in a farming community, he is accustomed to the wide-open spaces of nature that come with living in a rural community.

Being close to nature and a rural way of life influences his research into sustainability. He holds two bachelor’s degrees, one from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and one from the University of Florida specializing in economics and geographic information systems.

Currently, he is studying human geography at Lund University. His research interests include housing inequality, degrowth, sustainability in value chains, and education inequality.

Outside of his work and research, Jordan is an avid hiker and plays basketball on the weekends. If he could move anywhere in the world, he would go to the Azores to spend his days fishing and hiking.

Global Policy Research Group’s Mission

As a forward-looking policy think tank from the Nordics, GPRG aims to be the policy hub for next-generation policymakers by bringing senior researchers, young professionals, and students together.

GPRG carves a unique discussion space for everyone interested in improving the quality of policy-making through publications, initiatives, events, and social media.

With policy teams from a number of disciplines and major issue areas, GPRG applies creative approaches to develop ideas for policymakers that lead to real change.

Our extensive communication and outreach efforts allow us to adapt to a rapidly changing media landscape and move our ideas in the national and international policy debate.

Learn more about the Global Policy Research Group here

Written by: Jackie De Burca

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