Sebastian Wood from Whitby Wood

todayJune 18, 2022


Sebastian Wood from Whitby Wood talks to Pete The Builder.

Listen to Sebastian Wood who was a keynote speaker at the event. His talk was entitled Revitalising disused buildings to deliver on the triple bottom line. Investors can be forgiven for worrying that their return on investments may be diminished as a result of increased capital costs as we progress towards a lower carbon property industry.

This does not have to be the case though, as we can achieve value through retrofit and an attention to Whole Life Cycle carbon.

Sebastian Wood Whitby WoodSebastian Wood is the managing director of 110-strong engineering practice Whitby Wood, which he co-founded with Mark Whitby in February 2016. The practice is built around people, sustainability and technology.

The company is diverse, with a rich culture created by the backgrounds, experience and aspirations of all the team members. Its ambitious goal is to be the leading international engineering consultancy in sustainable design, supporting clients in the decision to transition to a decarbonized and more-sustainable future and to help them make it happen.

Sebastian personally believes that it is their responsibility as leaders in the industry to ensure that the future is environmentally, socially and financially equitable. He applies his forward thinking approach to business and engineering.

But let’s not get too excited, because we are talking about things like net zero, which is really a veil for people to hide behind, when they’re still doing predominantly the same thing that they did yesterday.

Written by: Chloe C

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