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UK safety expert Arco advises on standing out safely this winter

todayFebruary 21, 2022


As the winter weather continues, fog and heavy rain can make it difficult to see outdoor workers and sadly, the consequences can be devastating. The second most common cause of workplace death is being struck by a moving vehicle. Ensuring all workers are in the correct hi-vis clothing is an essential measure to help mitigate the risks. Arco, the UK’s leading safety expert, shares guidance on being safe and seen when working outdoors during the winter months.  

Clothing may seem brightly coloured, but only specific yellow, orange-red, and red coloured garments made following safety standards are sufficiently bright to prevent accidents. In recent years, the need for vigilance on product quality has been clearly demonstrated by counterfeit and low-quality PPE being sold in the UK. For all high-risk environments, providing EN 20471 certified high visibility clothing is a simple, cost-effective way to improve the visibility of workers and ensure compliance. The standard ensures that: 

  • The garment has a sufficient area of fluorescent material to provide high visibility in daytime; 
  • Retro-reflective tape covers a sufficient area and is arranged to reflect light on all sides, keeping workers visible in low light. 

Different designs affect whether hi-vis clothing offers the highest possible level of protection (class 3) for very high-risk environments or lower-level protection (class 2 or 1) for lower-risk environments such as settings with slower traffic. As a member of the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) Registered Safety Supplier Scheme, Arco supplies protective clothing that is compliant with the relevant standards and regulations and genuinely performs as it claims.  

The European standard for hi-vis clothing is based on a series of tests, including colour fastness, colour measurement, dimensional stability, reflective tape testing and garment assessment. However, care should still be taken to ensure that any hi-vis clothing issued is adequately cleaned and maintained. This means checking for any damage such as rips or tears that could become a snag risk or get trapped in moving parts, ensuring that garments are cleaned regularly and the maximum wash cycles are not exceeded. Businesses should also consider their unique working environment. For example, dirty environments will require protective clothing that is able to withstand the rigours of industrial laundering. 

A risk assessment considering the wearer and the task at hand, the weather conditions and the industry can help determine which hi-vis garments are needed. Arco provides expert advice on hi-vis suitability and product selection to keep workers safe and businesses compliant.

For more information or to view Arco’s full range of hi-vis clothing, visit Arco’s expert advice page.  

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