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Why heat pumps are “hot” in Berlin, the UK’s National Health System, industry and your home

todaySeptember 22, 2022


Why heat pumps are “hot” in Berlin, the UK’s National Health System, industry and your home

The German Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Economy and Climate Action, Robert Habeck, explained on Thursday 15 September 2022, that,

“Heat grids are the key if we want to make heating greenhouse gas neutral. They tap into climate-friendly heat sources that cannot be used by decentralised heating systems in the home – including deep geothermal energy.”

The IEA confirm that there are positive signs around heat pumps

On 22 September, an IEA press release confirmed that the IEA’s Tracking Clean Energy Progress update found that while only EVs and lighting had been advancing quickly enough in 2021, there have been positive signs in renewables, heat pumps and elsewhere.

heat pumps UK

The Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, Fatih Birol, was quoted in a press release from the IEA released on 22 September 2022, confirming that,

“There are more signs than ever that the new global energy economy is advancing strongly,”

“This reaffirms my belief that today’s global energy crisis can be a turning point towards a cleaner, more affordable and more secure energy system. But this new IEA analysis shows the need for greater and sustained efforts across a range of technologies and sectors to ensure the world can meet its energy and climate goals.”

Berlin kicks off €3 billion district heating subsidy scheme

Meanwhile in Germany, the EU had approved a €3 billion German green heating scheme which will kick off in Berlin.

The European Commission said on Tuesday, 2nd August, that it had approved the German government’s €3 billion scheme to support renewable energy and waste heat-based district heating programs, which it said would help Germany and the EU achieve their climate change targets.

Supporting new technologies

Why heat pumps are “hot” in Berlin, the UK’s National Health System, industry and your home

The German subsidy scheme aims to boost two technologies explicitly: geothermal energy and large-scale heat pumps.

“Geothermal energy is one of the heat sources that we need to strengthen massively in order to replace fossil fuels,”

The use of heat pumps could allow for the production of heat “at a high capacity.”

“The federal funding for efficient heat grids (BEW) makes them economical for heat grid operators and thus moves them forward,”

Climate neutral within seven years: Lessons from Sønderborg

Sønderborg, a small Danish town lying just beyond the border with Germany, is a living example of a possible future for decarbonised towns – and a blueprint for study by policymakers the world over. The UK can see how heat pump technology can help to decarbonise the NHS

Jason Speedy, chief operations officer at leading heating solutions manufacturer Groupe Atlantic, outlines the importance of decarbonising the NHS, and how heat pump technology can support its net zero journey

Decarbonising the NHS represents one of the world’s most complex net zero challenges. It will require huge public investment, in-house ambition, and ingenuity from across its supply chain. Transforming its approach to heating and hot water will be a huge part of the puzzle. Heat pump technology will be key for helping organisations like the NHS to make important strides towards meeting net zero.

Heat pumps are key to helping industry turn electric

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development featured a new report on 21 September 2022, that shows how industry can decarbonize its heat consumption and make industrial heat pumps a commercially attractive proposition.

Industrial heat is essential to decarbonize, accounting for 29% of global energy demand and 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

Commercially available heat pumps could supply 37% of industrial heat demand.

Report reveals key market and policy trends driving heat pump uptake, and how light industry, in particular, can turn its process heat electric in a cost-effective way.

Last but certainly not least, is this CNN report:

This super-efficient appliance could save you thousands on home energy costs

Here you can read about the Hardy’s who are based in Maine, who were sceptical but now know the immense value for the earth and their bank balance of heat pumps-

Heat pumps have a leg up on traditional air conditioners and furnaces because they aren’t using energy to heat or cool air — a very inefficient process. Instead, they use energy to move heat in or out of the house.

In warm weather, heat pumps act as air conditioners by taking heat from indoors and pushing it outside. During a recent heat wave over 90 degrees, the Hardys said they were cool in their home.

Read the full story about the Hardy’s and heat pumps here:

How is your country doing with heat pumps?

Of course, depending on where you are based you may know more or less about heat pumps. Here are a couple of headlines for food for thought:

Heat pump installations ‘woefully off track’ says Greenpeace UK

Chinese Exporters of Air Source Heat Pumps Thrive as European Demand Jumps

Written by: Jackie De Burca

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